Starbucks introduces olive oil-infused coffees in UAE and KSA

Starbucks introduces olive oil-infused coffees in UAE and KSA



Today is your last chance to grab one of these drinks.

Calling all coffee lovers. Starbucks has just introduced an absolutely mind-blowing lineup of coffee drinks that are infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil. And guess who's lucky enough to get their hands on these amazing concoctions? That's right, folks in the UAE and KSA. Today is your last chance to experience these extraordinary flavours.

Inspired by the Mediterranean tradition of consuming a spoonful of olive oil each day, the Oleato series combines the smooth richness of Starbucks coffee with the velvety texture and distinct taste of olive oil. This groundbreaking fusion has delighted coffee enthusiasts around the world and is now available in select stores across Dubai and Riyadh.

In Dubai, Starbucks will offer two Oleato beverages in 30 stores throughout the emirate. The first is a refreshing cold brew with extra virgin olive oil-infused cold foam, while the second is an iced shaken espresso with olive oil-infused oat milk. The irresistible combination of flavours creates a truly unforgettable coffee experience. In Riyadh, customers can enjoy the Oleato golden foam cold brew and the Oleato iced shaken espresso. These beverages have been meticulously crafted to provide a smooth coffee with a delightful new flavour and texture.

While the Oleato series debuted in Italy before making its way to other international markets, Starbucks has made it available to UAE and KSA customers for a limited time. But here's the best part: if they become a huge hit (which, let's face it, they totally will), there's a good chance they'll become more widely available in the future. 

If you want to try these olive oil-infused drinks, today is the last day. So, grab your keys, round up your friends and head to your nearest Starbucks in Dubai or Riyadh.

Caffeination awaits.

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