New In Town: Terra Eatery

New In Town: Terra Eatery



An elevated yet approachable restaurant focusing on seasonal ingredients in a sought-after residential area.

Walking into Terra, we are immediately surprised by how accurately the restaurant's name is reflected in the decor of the new homegrown eatery in Jumeirah. Named after the Latin word for earth, the casual restaurant has been imbued with raw materials that align with nature to create a rustic yet relaxed dining environment that is almost full on a weekday lunchtime when FACT visits.

We choose to sit on the sunny terrace surrounded by lush foliage as pea shingle crunches beneath our feet. The charming indoor to outdoor space is accentuated by staff who are friendly and well-versed in the menu's intricacies. The paper menus themselves are also an absolute delight. Concise and intriguing, the collection of dishes has been well-thought-out and offer several appealing choices for both lunch or dinner. Printed upon beautiful paper of varying thicknesses and transparencies, we're immediately impressed by the simplicity of it all.

Inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean, Terra's bistro-style dishes focus on premium ingredients to ensure there is no compromise on quality for this particular gastronomic experience. We begin with a number of small plates that are ideal for sharing, such as the Beef Carpaccio Roll (AED 55), a signature dish of raw beef that encases a heady mix of Arugula, Parmesan and pickled mustard and is plated with such proficiency that it's almost too pretty to eat. The simple burrata (AED 85) is another winner, served alongside pepperonata, cherry tomatoes and basil oil. The Italian cheese is expectedly sweet and creamy, offset by the tomatoes' acidity and elevated by the subtleties of the basil.

A quartet of Sweet Aubergine Croquettes (AED 42) are incredibly moreish with their rustic pepper chutney, yet it's the simplicity of the prawns (AED 55) with herb salsa and fiery chilli oil that transpires to be our dish of the day.  

Onto the mains, and we can't help bust resist the Truffle Pizza (AED 65) with its thin and crisp base, generously laden with toppings of Italian Fontina cheese and fragrant oyster mushrooms. It's homely, simple and a dish representing seasonality, allowing the culinary team to focus on ingredients when they're at their very best. The Lamb Chops (AED 195) with smoked aubergine and harissa are characterised by exemplary care and preparation for the meat, which provides a pleasing smoky char while keeping the lamb gloriously tender. Similarly, the beautifully al dente lobster tagliatelle (AED 95) is prepared in bisque to ensure a pronounced flavour while maintaining the lobster's delicate nature.

A small selection of desserts offers just enough to pique the interest of even the most ardent dessert lover, ranging from a Lotus Cheesecake (AED 43) to a Sticky Dates Pudding (AED 55) that is indulgent without being overly sweet. Complemented by Terra's range of top-notch coffees, it's a pleasing way to while away an afternoon. 

Tucked away on Al Thanya Street, close to the Waitress supermarket, Terra is a restaurant waiting to be discovered and attains such likability that repeat visits are essential to explore everything on offer across the menu and venue. Terra offers a cosy and homely environment, supported by excellent food and impressive beverages. If we had one comment, we wish they would open for breakfast, but Terra is off to a solid start.

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