Four reasons to visit Qasr Al Watan this winter

Four reasons to visit Qasr Al Watan this winter



If you're looking for an outdoor cultural experience to enjoy this winter, then look no further than Qasr Al Watan. The Palace of the Nation promises an enriching visitor journey through which visitors can explore the history, traditions and journey of the UAE. 

Home to an incomparable visitor experience both inside and outside its remarkable walls, Qasr Al Watan is the perfect place for friends and families to create priceless memories and enjoy the crisp winter air. 

Immerse yourself in the views all around the Palace:

Don't wait until you arrive at the Palace's main door for your journey to begin. The Qasr Al Watan experience starts while being transported from the Visitor Center. The Palace comes into full view in its architectural grandeur, from the Palace Gardens and until the main door. In the Palace Gardens, you'll notice sunlight reflecting off of two silver Power of Words sculptures – that are smaller replicas of the original Power of Words sculpture housed within the Great Hall of the Palace.  

Feel inspired by Emirati and Arabian excellence:

Whether you're looking at Qasr Al Watan's architecture outdoors or viewing the collections indoors, your visit will allow you to gain insight into Arab heritage while having access to pieces of history and spectacular cultural mementoes which capture the rich tapestry of Arab heritage as well as the history and journey of the UAE. 

The presidential gifts will allow you to discover a unique collection of diplomatic gifts in all shapes and sizes, that reveal valuable information about the cultures and countries they represent; the architecture will give you a deeper appreciation of Arabian architectural craftsmanship and intellectual heritage and show you how traditional Arabian art and Islamic geometrical patterns have been infused as an integral aspect of the Palace's design.

Enjoy the sunset at Qasr Al Watan:

As your journey nears its end, unwind and enjoy a winter sunset while appreciating the beautiful exteriors of Qasr Al Watan. Take in the scenery surrounding you and notice the impressive Abu Dhabi skyline as you watch the sunset upon the horizon of the glittering Arabian Gulf.

Marvel at the Palace in Motion light and sound show:

Once night falls, watch the Palace of the Nation light up the night with a spectacular audio-visual display. The Palace in Motion evening light and sound show, takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30pm, projects onto the façade of the Palace a story told in three acts. Drawing a link between Qasr Al Watan's aspirations and the nation's vision while reflecting on the UAE's journey of the past, present and future.

With its architectural marvels, artistic wonders and historical legacy, one visit to Qasr Al Watan is never enough.

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