Penelope Cruz is the new face of Emirates

Penelope Cruz is the new face of Emirates



Fans can expect additional activities between the two.

Hold on to your hats because Emirates is crusiing to new heights. Get ready to be starstruck as the Academy Award-winning actor and philanthropist, Penelope Cruz, steps into the spotlight for the Dubai-based airline. 

Penelope Cruz - a fan of Emirates - is thrilled about being the new face of the airline. In behind-the-scenes footage, shot on an Emirates A380 aircraft, she spills the beans on her profound connection with the brand and how she's had some of the most memorable journeys of her life with Emirates.

The new TV spots, set to air globally from June 2023, will feature Penelope speaking in English and her native language Spanish. The adverts convey a thought-provoking theme: "travel is not just about the end destination; it's also about how you get there," and boy, does Emirates know how to make the journey count.

The footage also showcases Penelope indulging in the exclusive luxuries offered to Emirates First and Business Class passengers. She can be seen setting the light controls in her private First Class Suite and donning the Emirates hydra-active moisturising pyjamas for a restful siesta in her lie-flat bed, surrounded by a range of luxurious amenities. We wish we were in her seat.

From enjoying crafted beverages in the A380 Onboard Lounge to relishing a shower above the clouds, cheering for a live football game and savouring generous helpings of sushi, the star's experiences epitomise the brand's "Fly Better" philosophy. 

If you thought only the First and Business classes offered amenities, you're wrong. Penelope also explores the comfort of Emirates' new Premium Economy Class and can be seen enjoying the wide variety of content on the airline's ice inflight entertainment system.

You're going to love these adverts because Emirates enlisted the expertise of Robert Stromberg, a double Oscar-winning Hollywood director, for this campaign. He collaborated closely with the Emirates team to ensure that the footage captured the essence of the Fly Better experience while also reflecting Penelope's playful sense of humour. 

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