Will footballer Kylian Mbappé accept Saudi Arabia's €300m bid?

Will footballer Kylian Mbappé accept Saudi Arabia's €300m bid?



The ball is in the PSG player's court.

Saudi Arabia's become the hottest destination for big-name football players. Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema have stunned us all by making their way to the Saudi Pro League. The G.O.A.T. Lionel Messi himself was apparently in the mix when Al Hilal offered him a deal to join their ranks. Now, the football world is abuzz with rumours of yet another potential transfer that could shake the sport. This time around, Kylian Mbappé of PSG is at the heart of it all.

Al Hilal – the same club that wanted Messi to join them – has gone all out and made a record-breaking bid for Mbappé at over SAR 1.2 billion ($333 million). The bid can rival any transfer in the history of football.

Al Hilal has made a formal offer for the 24-year-old French forward and it is up to Mbappé to make a decision. The transfer can only take place if he agrees. Up until this point, he’s been all about playing in high-profile European clubs and never expressed his interest in moving to Saudi Arabia. But could that change?

Al Hilal isn’t the only one drooling over Mbappé. The whole footballing world is going bonkers for this French star and some major clubs are throwing their hats in the ring. Real Madrid, Manchester United, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona and Tottenham want to snag this superstar bonanza, too.

Mbappé has just one year left on his PSG contract. Negotiations are heating up, and Al Hilal is waving their big bucks, trying to lure him to Saudi Arabia. Mbappé, the ball is in your court.

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