A revitalising offer for gentlemen at The Hundred Wellness Centre

A revitalising offer for gentlemen at The Hundred Wellness Centre



In honour of International Men’s Health Month, The Hundred Wellness Centre welcomes gentlemen to focus on their health with a package designed to relax, reflect and revitalise. 

Available throughout June and July, male guests can experience a private and bespoke Pilates session, followed by a relaxing 30-minute Infrared Sauna session. Guests are then invited to enjoy a vibrant and nutritious brunch at the 100 Café.

Pilates has a host of benefits that can be witnessed almost immediately, from toning and strengthening the body to increasing flexibility, supporting weight loss, and encouraging mindfulness and holistic balance. Initially developed by Joseph Pilates, the method has long been the preferred training vehicle of elite professional athletes, providing an excellent foundation for a range of other sports, including cricket, golf, rugby and cross-training.

Hundred Wellness Centre

The 55-minute one-on-one session with Head Pilates Instructor Walid Tebarki allows guests to grow at their own pace, with a program designed for men of all fitness levels. It can be modified to target specific areas and accommodate injuries or limitations.

Renowned for its incredible relaxation effects and encouraging a sense of peace, an Infrared Sauna session can also alleviate anything from minor aches and pains to chronic pain conditions. The detoxifying heat therapy is proven to increase blood flow, eliminate heavy metals from the body, raise endorphin levels and boost the immune system’s cell activity.

Hundred Wellness Centre

Following the sessions, guests can retreat to the serenity of the 100 Café and indulge in the thoughtfully curated, daily menu of innovative health-conscious cuisine. Gentlemen can choose from wholesome main courses, speciality coffee or refreshing tea and cold-pressed juices. The beautifully peaceful café, with floor to ceiling windows and views out onto the lush green oasis garden, is an idyllic spot to relax and rewind post-workout.

Men’s Health Month Bespoke “For Him” package is available at The Hundred Wellness Centre throughout June and July, for AED 399 per person.

 GO: Visit https://thehundred.ae or call (0)4 344 7333 for reservations and more information.