Twina Riyadh brings spectacular seafood to the Saudi capital

Twina Riyadh brings spectacular seafood to the Saudi capital



The Jeddah-born brand has opened in The Esplanade. 

Whether you’re after shrimps or seabass, Twina Riyadh is the latest go-to spot in the capital for top-quality seafood. The Jeddah-born brand has made its way to Riyadh, and opened in The Esplanade mall on Prince Turki Al Awwal Road. Here’s what you can expect from the new restaurant. 

Twina Riyadh announced on Instagram: “We are honoured to welcome you in our new branch”. The new restaurant is a stylish spot, as when you enter you are struck by the high ceilings and classy chandelier. Inside, you’ll find black tables, navy blue seats, geometric tiles on the floor and a swirling statement staircase, which leads you to another floor for diners.

Twina Riyadh

Twina Park and Restaurant is famed for its fresh ingredients, which are sourced from the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea. The menu covers soups, salads and special seafood dishes, which range from Mexican fajitas with shrimp to mussels with cream. The latest additions to the menu include seabass fillet with mushrooms and seabass fillet with spinach. 

Children are welcome, as there is a dedicated kids’ meal. Plus, there are plenty of dessert options, which include lemon cake, date cake, red velvet, brownies and a New York cheesecake. 

Twina Riyadh

Twina Park and Restaurant first started life in Jeddah and is loved by locals as well as expats. There are branches dotted across Jeddah including Sari Street, Corniche Al Hamra, Al Amir Sultan and Obhur. 

Riyadh is home to so many excellent restaurants, from global brands to celebrity chefs. As Twina moves from the coast to the capital, we are sure that it will gain a whole new set of fans. Twina Riyadh is open daily from 1pm to 1am. 

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