Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal named as Saudi Tennis ambassador 

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal named as Saudi Tennis ambassador 



The Rafa Nadal Academy will help nurture new players.

Here's some tennis news that's causing a racket. The Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal has been named a Saudi Tennis Federation ambassador. As part of the role, he will be visiting Saudi Arabia to nurture new players.

Rafael explained: "Everywhere you look in Saudi Arabia, you can see growth and progress, and I'm excited to be a part of that. I continue to play tennis as I love the game, but beyond playing, I want to help the sport grow far and wide across the world, and in Saudi, there is real potential.

"The kids here today are looking to the future and have a real passion for all sports. If I can help them pick up a racquet or simply get fit and enjoy the benefits of healthy living, then I'll be happy to have made a difference".

In Rafael's role, he will be a driving force behind the development of tennis in Saudi Arabia. The Rafa Nadal Academy will help young talent to grow and fulfil their potential. He is developing a program to share knowledge with players and coaches. Plus, he showed his support for the endeavour, and visited a junior tennis centre in Riyadh.

Rafael is no stranger to the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. He played at the Riyadh Season Tennis Cup in December 2023. Plus, his restaurant business, Tatel, with fellow sports star Cristiano Ronaldo, has brought Spanish haute cuisine to Riyadh's Bujairi Terrace

Rafael hails from Mallorca, Spain. He was one of the most successful teenage players in ATP history. In 2008, he defeated Roger Federer at the Wimbledon finals and became the number one tennis player in the world. Over his career, he has won 22 Grand Slam men's singles titles and 14 French Open titles. 

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