Saudi Arabia's Neom will be home to a football club and stadiums

Saudi Arabia's Neom will be home to a football club and stadiums



The megaproject aims to welcome world-famous football clubs.

Can Saudi Arabia kick it? Yes, it can. Not only did it surprise the world at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, but it also wooed the legendary football player Cristiano Ronaldo to join its national team, Al Nassr. Now, it is taking things one dribble further, as it has been reported that Neom will be getting its own football team.

The Neom Football Club is currently in the works, and stadiums are being planned for the megaproject. While we don't yet know who will play for the team or in the stadium, the kingdom clearly has big sporting ambitions. The Line will be home to state-of-the-art football stadiums, which aim to welcome local as well as world-class football clubs – Barcelona, anyone?

Sport is clearly a key part to Neom. In 2022, Neom launched the Shuhub Community Program, which aims to nurture the next generation of footballing talent. The initiative includes world-class coaching, and welcomed more than 400 children.

The kingdom won the bid to host the Asian Winter Games 2029 in Trojena, Neom, which plans to put the new super city on the international map. While you may think that winter games can’t take place in the Middle East, think again. Trojena boasts slope residences overlooking a lake and a ski village sitting 2,400 metres high. Plus, temperatures are 10 degrees Celsius cooler. 

Neom will be the size of Belgium and sits north of the Red Sea coastline. The exciting developments also range from Oxagan to Sindalah’s beaches and seas. Oxagon aims to be the world’s largest floating industrial complex. Sindalah island will be a luxurious retreat and include 413 hotels, 51 shops and 38 restaurants. Plus, The Line aims to be a 170km-long residential complex with zero cars, zero streets, zero carbon emissions and the world’s longest skyscraper, Mirror Line. 

Game on, Saudi.

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