Saudi Arabia enters the MMA ring with Professional Fighters League

Saudi Arabia enters the MMA ring with Professional Fighters League



A PFL MENA is on the horizon, bringing action-packed showdowns to the Kingdom.

Brace yourselves for a thrilling new chapter as Saudi Arabia steps into the ring with a groundbreaking investment in the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Marking the Kingdom's inaugural venture into the world of MMA, this partnership promises to reshape the sport's landscape

Scheduled to launch in 2024, this Professional Fighters League MENA league is set to become the beating heart of MMA in the region, setting the stage for fierce competitions and fresh talents to emerge. The partnership also aims to bring together the sport's biggest stars, host global events, and drive global expansion to ensure MMA reaches every corner of the world.

And the excitement doesn't stop there. Saudi Arabia is taking centre stage by hosting the PFL PPV Super Fights series. From next year on, you MMA enthusiasts will see epic showdowns, featuring the likes of Francis Ngannou and Jake Paul. 

The PFL's rise has been nothing short of spectacular. Launched in 2018 by Donn Davis, it has rapidly climbed the ranks to become a significant player in the MMA world. Its unique format, featuring regular seasons, playoffs and championships, has set it apart from its competitors. Now, with Saudi Arabia's backing, the PFL's journey is poised to reach even greater heights.

This foray into MMA isn't Saudi Arabia's first dance in the realm of sports investments. The PIF has been strategically aligning itself with various sports, including football, golf, boxing, tennis, F1 and many more.

So stay tuned as the PFL and Saudi Arabia join forces to redefine the future of MMA and create an unforgettable experience for fight fans worldwide. The countdown has begun and the future looks incredibly promising.

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