Roberto Mancini takes charge of the Saudi Arabia National Football Team

Roberto Mancini takes charge of the Saudi Arabia National Football Team



The Italian superstar has been appointed as the head coach.

Saudi Arabia continues its footballing revolution with the latest addition to its impressive lineup. While Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Neymar, and others have already made their mark in the Saudi football scene as players, this time it's a managerial shift that's caught our attention. Say hello to Roberto Mancini, who has been appointed as the head coach of the Saudi Arabia National Football Team.

Mancini, a familiar name to any football enthusiast, was in Riyadh earlier this week to officially take charge. The coach's alignment with the Kingdom's footballing ambitions and leadership's aspirations was a key factor in his selection. His contract, extending until 2027, has sent ripples of excitement through the football community. This news might be a bit of a surprise, especially since just a couple of weeks ago, Mancini bid farewell to his role as the head coach of the Italian national team, a position he held for over five years.

Mancini was candid about his aims to elevate the Saudi team's standing in Asia. He stated, "Our target is to win the Asian Cup after 27 years." He also highlighted the positive influence that foreign players can have on a country's footballing landscape.

Mancini's journey with Italy began in 2018 when he assumed leadership after the team's unexpected failure to qualify for the World Cup in Russia. This absence marked the first time since 1958 that Italy didn't grace the World Cup finals with their presence. Fast forward to 2020, and Mancini's tenure resulted in Italy securing the Euro 2020 trophy, reigniting the nation's footballing pride.

As the sands of Saudi Arabia shift, the world will watch with anticipation and see how Mancini's tactics and expertise will shape the future of the Kingdom's national football team.

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