You can now play Mario Kart IRL at Battle Kart in Riyadh

You can now play Mario Kart IRL at Battle Kart in Riyadh



The go-karting experience includes six different tracks.

Ready, set, Riyadh. Battle Kart, a new go-karting experience, has made its debut in the Middle East and opened in the Saudi Arabian capital. Located in Ishbiliyah, the interactive attraction offers fun for the whole family. 

If you love the video game Mario Kart, you’ll love Battle Kart in Riyadh, which is a thrilling experience. Battle Kart was born in Belgium. The concept originally came as a pop-up in Jeddah’s Little Asia, and has now created a permanent location in the capital. Visitors can choose from six different experiences, which take place on an illuminated track. The experience combines elements of video games and sporting activities, and the digital projections bring the different tracks to life. 

Do you remember Snake? This time it’s not on a Nokia phone, but on the track. One of the tracks includes a snake-inspired experience, which sees you battle it out to not touch the edge of the track and become the longest snake. 

Battle Kart in Riyadh experiences include Battle Colour, where you collect coloured squares; Battle Virus, where you try to beat a virus; Battle Foot, where you hit a virtual ball into a net; and Battle Pool, where you play across a pool table.

Battle Kart in Riyadh

Battle Kart in Riyadh tickets start from SAR 120 for the first round, SAR 200 for the second round and SAR 80 for the third round. Visitors must be above 110 centimetres to enter. The experience is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 2pm to 1am, and Thursday to Saturday from 2pm to 2am. 

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