The Groves returns to Riyadh Season for Ramadan 

The Groves returns to Riyadh Season for Ramadan 



The zone will be open from 7 March.

Riyadh Season is in full swing and is filled with different zones with different experiences. Now, it is welcoming the return of The Groves. The zone will open from 7 March, and here’s what to expect. 

Located in Ar Rafiah, The Groves has been one of Riyadh Season’s most popular zones. This year, The Groves will be open for Ramadan, and will host special events after dark. The zone is a collaboration between Saudi General Entertainment Authority and SIHAMCO, and will be lit up in hues of blue and purple. 

If the previous versions of the zone are anything to go by, visitors are in for a treat. The venue is traditionally home to upmarket restaurants and live entertainment. In previous years, the zone included football festivities and North Pole-inspired experiences. Plus, it opened a Lavender Garden, which drew inspiration from Islamic gardens.

The Groves is not the only new zone to open during Riyadh Season. BLVD Runway pays homage to Saudi Arabia as an international destination. The new project brings together entertainment on board five specially designed planes. Guests will be able to board the planes for entertainment and restaurants. 

The Groves

Riyadh Exit is a new zone in Riyadh Season, and gives camping a luxurious upgrade. Located 45 minutes from northwest Riyadh, it encourages visitors to make the most of the cooler weather. The camp boasts Najdi-style features, from traditional carpets to huts, and includes two Najdi tents with sofas, tables and games.

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