Luxury Bab Samhan Hotel to open in historic Diriyah

Luxury Bab Samhan Hotel to open in historic Diriyah



This new property is your gateway to authentic Najdi living in the Kingdom.

If you’ve been cruising around Riyadh, there’s no way you would have missed the dozens of cranes in Diriyah. The Kingdom's historical heartland is undergoing non-stop development and is set to welcome a new luxury hotel called the Bab Samhan Hotel. The Marriott collection property is a convergence of tradition and opulence, and guests can immerse themselves in the richness of Najdi architecture and culture.

Nestled amidst the captivating beauty of Wadi Hanifah, the hotel transcends the concept of mere lodging. This natural oasis not only creates a serene backdrop but also offers guests a welcomed escape from the city.

As guests step into the Bab Samhan Hotel, they are immediately embraced by the warmth of traditional Najdi hospitality. The design pays homage to Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage, seamlessly blending past and present. Passages and courtyards echo the whispers of history, beckoning guests to immerse themselves in the authentic Najdi experience.

The Bab Samhan Hotel boasts 106 guest rooms strategically designed to offer panoramic views of Wadi Hanifah, creating an immersive experience in the tranquil landscapes of Diriyah. With 28 suites catering to various preferences, the hotel ensures a comfortable and tailored stay.

With all-day dining options and two speciality restaurants, guests embark on a culinary journey reflecting the rich flavours of Najdi cuisine. The promise extends to relaxation, with a spa featuring an indoor swimming pool and a state-of-the-art gym.

An added advantage is the hotel's convenient location, which is within walking distance of At Turaif and Bujairi Terrace. Here, history enthusiasts can delve into the historical charm of Diriyah, turning their stay into a cultural journey.

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