Kuuru Review: Homegrown favourite brings Nikkei cuisine to the Saudi table

Kuuru Review: Homegrown favourite brings Nikkei cuisine to the Saudi table



Jeddah's FACT award-winning Nikkei restaurant finally arrives in the capital.

We love a homegrown success story at FACT, and the newly opened Kuuru in Riyadh's King Abdullah Financial District has proven itself one to watch following success in Jeddah and a coveted placement on the MENA's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Entering through Japanese shoji screens, the stunning dining room blends Japanese minimalism with Peruvian jungle vibes, reflecting the funky fusion cuisine served. An elaborate bar and simple sushi counter can be found amidst the intricate woodwork, hues of blue, and stunning light fittings that radiate out across the restaurant space. These modern design elements create a captivating yet inviting space reflective of Kuuru's vivacious spirit.

Nikkei Sando

This brainchild of Leylaty Group, Kuuru brings Nikkei cuisine to the Saudi table, offering an experience that transcends borders and ignites the senses. The restaurant's expansive sharing-style menu showcases the marriage of Japanese precision and Peruvian flair, where fresh, locally sourced seafood takes centre stage, glistening in vibrant ceviches and tiraditos. 

Start with an explosion of freshness from the raw bar, indulging in sashimi platters or meticulously crafted Nikkei-style Nigiri, complemented by Peruvian spices and citrusy touches. Highlights include Wagyu A La Pore (SAR 81), which layers wagyu striploin over sushi rice with smoked tare, Nippon chimichurri and a velvety quail egg. As one of Kuuru's best dishes, this nigiri is lightly torched before being eaten. The Naka Truffle (SAR 63), featuring salmon belly, lemon zest, Maldon salt, and truffle, is another terrific choice.

Kane Kari

The Nikkei Sando (SAR 149) should be your go-to if raw is not your thing. This decadent dish sandwiches braised short rib, aji panca, and avocado cream between fluffy Japanese milk bread and is juicy and delicious. The Kane Kari (SAR 178) is another popular pick, where a crisp and golden dough is stuffed with generous amounts of delicate King crab and cream cheese before serving the pretty parcels with a delightfully viscous spicy passion fruit honey.

Kuuru doesn't shy away from pushing boundaries. The mains mix Japanese and Peruvian flavours with finesse across dishes such as succulent Nikkei Lobster (SAR 850) served with Peruvian chilli gratin, miso and lime and Shake Nitsuke (SAR 140), combining Josper-grilled salmon with sweet soy and Peruvian chilli emulsion into a dish of disarming flavours and an unexpected delicateness. However, the Niku Karashi (SAR 459) would be our perfect pick, plating grilled ribeye alongside Nikkei chimichurri, potato purée, and Japanese sweet mustard sauce. Don't overlook the stellar sides, including a texturally tasty Pachamanca Corn (SAR 69) and a rich and robust Wagyu Chahan (SAR 210) fried rice dish with vegetables, marinated yolk and yuzu.

Wagyu Chahan

Desserts range from delightfully doughy Peruvian doughnuts to a silky smooth cheesecake instilled with a tangy twist from citrus and shavings of white chocolate. The colourful handmade plates are so stylish that you may want to snap them before you start – we're not judging.

Kuuru's attentive team elevate the dining experience. Knowledgeable and genuinely passionate about the cuisine, they guide diners through the menu, offering insightful recommendations without intrusion and ensuring a memorable meal tailored to your preferences.

Japanese Cheesecake

Kuuru is in good culinary company in KAFD. The restaurant joins the likes of Il Baretto, Mr Chow and the soon-to-open Zuma in Riyadh's buzziest dining district. Having been named the 'best restaurant in Jeddah' at the FACT Dining Awards 2023, Riyadh residents no longer need to pack their bags and hop on a plane to the Red Sea because Kuuru's captivating cuisine is now available in the capital.

GO: Visit www.kuururestaurant.com for more information.