Portico in Riyadh: Indulge in Italian delights at the new restaurant 

Portico in Riyadh: Indulge in Italian delights at the new restaurant 



Located in Al Wurud, it serves classic and creative pizzas.

If you’re a fan of Italian food, then we have some news that will make your stomach rumble. Portico has opened in Riyadh, and it serves pizzas and pastas. Located in Al Wurud, here’s what to expect from the new restaurant. 

Portico in Riyadh is a smart spot with floor to ceiling windows and a bright, airy feel. The décor is relaxed and ranges from dark greens to soft whites. White spans the tables, walls and banquettes with patterned cushions. Green spans the chairs with gold legs, wall features and plants framing the entrance. Look out for the open kitchen at the back, which includes a counter and pizza oven.

Portico in Riyadh

Portico in Riyadh’s menu boasts appetisers, salads, sandwiches, pasta, pizza and burgers. The burgers include Buffalo Chicken Burger, Classic Chicken Burger and Truffle Burger. The sandwiches include a Cheese Fillet Sandwich, Francisco Sandwich and Halloumi Sandwich.

The pastas include a Penne Abarbiata, Pesto Pasta, Truffle Tigatoni and Spaghetti Bolognese. The classic pizzas range from a Buffalo Margherita to Diavola Pizza. The creative pizzas include a Caesar Pizza with grilled chicken and corn, Philly Cheese Steak Pizza with tenderloin fillet, and mozzarella cheese, Portico Pizza with grilled chicken, and Vegetable Pesto Pizza with artichoke, aubergine and zucchini. 

Riyadh is welcoming some exciting new Italian restaurants. Molto has opened in As Sahafah and is inspired by Naples. Bardo will be making its way from London to Riyadh, and will be located in King Abdullah Financial District.

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