Celebrate urban creativity at Riyadh's first street art festival

Celebrate urban creativity at Riyadh's first street art festival



Get ready to embark on a colourful adventure around the capital.

Saudi Arabia has lately been making waves in the international art and culture scene. With the successful hosting of the Kingdom's first Contemporary Arts Biennale and the illuminations of Noor Riyadh, the capital is proving that it's more than just a bustling metropolis. Now, it's about to take another bold step by welcoming its first-ever street art festival — Riyadh Street Art Festival.

From Wednesday, 15 November to Wednesday, 6 December, Riyadh will experience an artistic takeover. Artists and creators from around the world will converge on Riyadh's streets to create a visual spectacle that will leave a lasting impression. This exciting event aims to showcase various contemporary art practices in the Kingdom, empower the local and international artistic community, and provide street artists with a platform to exhibit their work.

The Riyadh Street Art Festival has already announced its curators. These include Basmah Felemban, a Saudi artist, graphic designer, and curator, and Cedar Lewisohn, an artist, writer, and curator based in London. With their guidance, this festival will bring together over 30 local, regional, and international artists who will transform the city into a vibrant canvas for artistic expression.

The festival promises to turn Riyadh into "a place to play." In addition to the stunning street art displays, the event will feature workshops, live DJs, and even a skatepark, making it an engaging and dynamic experience for both art enthusiasts and the general public. 

Mark your calendars for the Riyadh Street Art Festival and get ready to witness the capital come alive.

GO: Visit https://mcy.gov.ae for more information.