Pangeos in Saudi Arabia: Inside the world's largest floating city

Pangeos in Saudi Arabia: Inside the world's largest floating city



The $5 billion turtle-shaped megaproject will float around the world with beach clubs, malls and residences.

Just when we thought that Saudi Arabia's megaprojects couldn't get more exciting, a ground-breaking new development has been proposed: Pangeos. The turtle-shaped floating city includes beach clubs, malls, rooftop gardens and residences. Best of all, it will be the world's biggest floating structure.

The Italian design studio Lazzarini is behind the project, which draws inspiration from the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras. Pangeos is a $5 billion terayacht structure – that means it's bigger than a super, mega and a gigayacht. Proposed to be located at King Abdullah Port, 81 miles north of Jeddah, it would require one kilometre of sea space. While it aims to be created near the kingdom, it would eventually sail around the world with no fixed abode.

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If Pangeos is given the green light, it would take approximately eight years to build. Upon completion, it would be able to accommodate 60,000 people. The venue could hold 19 villas and 64 apartments, which are located on the wings of the structure. Plus, a terashipyard infrastructure, which is 650 meters wide and 600 meters long, would provide direct access to the sea and an opening for smaller vessels. 

Pangeos will be a sustainable creation, which draws its energy from the solar panel roof and ocean waves. Plus, 30,000 cells are situated in lower spaces and would keep the structure afloat.

While the structure is currently not confirmed, there is a crowdfunding initiative and it will soon be possible to experience it in the metaverse. We're talking $16 for an entrance ticket and $169 for an apartment – don't get too excited, as these are the virtual prices. 

Lazzarini explained: "The virtual spaces of the watercraft can also be purchased under an NFT collection, and users will be able to collect certain content and access in the virtual properties with their credentials."

floating city

Pangeos is just one of the many creative megaprojects proposed for Saudi Arabia. The kingdom already has cutting-edge megaprojects in the works, from the futuristic city Neom to plans for the world's tallest building. 

Would you jump on board? 

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