Everything you need to know about Saudi Flag Day

Everything you need to know about Saudi Flag Day



The annual event celebrates the nation and its flag on 11 March.

Grab your Saudi Arabian flags, as you'll need them for an exciting event. Saudi Flag Day takes place annually on 11 March, and celebrates the nation as well as its flag.

The date is fitting, as it marks when King Abdulaziz Al Saud approved the flag for the Kingdom. The Saudi Arabian flag was endorsed back in 1937, the 27th of Dhu Al Hijja 1355 in the Islamic calendar.

Over time, the original Saudi Arabian flag underwent some upgrades, and the modern flag has been used since 1973. The flag is unique, as it's the only flag in the world to have an inscription as its central design. The Arabic writing states: "There is no deity but God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God". The font reads the same backwards and forwards.

Underneath the inscription is an image of a sword, which points from right to left. The sword stands for dignity, status, strength and wisdom. The inscription and image are all on a green backdrop – Pantone 330, to be precise – which represents Islam. Interesting fact: other countries in the world lower their flags at half-mast as a sign of mourning, but this is not the case in Saudi Arabia.

In 2022, the Kingdom also announced that 22 February would be Saudi Founding Day. The day marks when the first Saudi state was founded by Imam Muhammad bin Saudi in Diriyah in 1727. Imam was born in Diriyah, and oversaw the expansion of the state. Today, it is marked with festivities across the country with special events including concerts, exhibitions and fireworks.

Saudi Flag Day was inaugurated in 2023. Therefore, Saudi Flag Day 2024 signifies the second year of observing this celebration. The Saudi Flag Day festivities are anticipated to be celebrated with vibrant fireworks displays, stunning drone shows, and, of course, plenty of flag waving.

Happy Saudi Arabian Flag Day.

GO: Visit www.spa.gov.sa for more information.