Red Sea Global releases video updates on the megaproject  

Red Sea Global releases video updates on the megaproject  



Check out Foster + Partners’ latest constructions. 

Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea megaproject is one of the most ambitious developments in the Kingdom. The site will be home to regenerative tourism projects, five-star hotels and lush landscapes. Red Sea Global has released new videos, which show an update on the construction, and it has got us buzzing with excitement.  

Red Sea Global’s videos showcase the tourist developments. The shots showed British architectural firm Foster + Partners’ hotel projects, from Ummahat AlShaykh Hotel 12 (a ring-shaped hotel) to the Six Senses Southern Dunes (a resort in the sand dunes).

Red Sea Global’s videos also highlight the development of The Red Sea International Airport. The airport is being designed by Foster + Partners. Inspired by the desert, oasis and sea, the structure will feel like a private and personalised terminal. Plus, it aims to start welcoming domestic travellers this year and international travellers next year. 

Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners, explained: “The Red Sea International Airport has been envisaged as a gateway to one of the most unique resorts in the world and an integral part of the visitor experience. Inspired by the colours and textures of the desert landscape, the design seeks to create a calm and luxurious journey through the terminal and will become a transit hub for visitors coming in by both land and air.” 

Upon completion, The Red Sea Project is expected to cover 28,000 kilometres of islands, beaches, deserts, mountains and even volcanos. Plus, the eco-luxury destination plans to be 100 per cent carbon neutral.

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