New footage shows the evolution of The Line in Neom

New footage shows the evolution of The Line in Neom



This architectural megaproject is expected to reach completion by 2030 and the world's largest piling operation is underway.

Neom in Saudi Arabia is doing everything possible — and what seemed impossible — to set a benchmark. It's a leap into the future, bringing to life scenes reminiscent of a sci-fi movie while promising innovation and urban living to a whole other level. And now, a new video has revealed the progress of The Line in Neom since its inception.

The Line is a 170km-long megaproject designed to revolutionise urban living. The sustainable complex will have zero cars, zero roads, and zero carbon emissions. Its transportation and infrastructure are meticulously planned to prioritise the environment and residents' well-being.

The Line aims to address urban design challenges through compactness and sustainability. Renowned architects and engineers are on board to make this vision a reality. The city will boast a unique feature, a temperature 10 degrees cooler than its surroundings, enabling year-round pedestrian-friendly environments.

Construction on The Line's first neighbourhood, the Hidden Marina, began in April 2022. By 2030, it's poised to welcome its inaugural residents and curious visitors. With 20 per cent of essential infrastructure already in place, Neom is steadfast in developing transportation networks, utility systems, and urban planning to support this groundbreaking initiative.

The Line is also a testament to sustainability. With 95 per cent of Neom's vast land area preserved, nature thrives alongside innovative urban structures. The city operates entirely on renewable energy, with sustainable water and food production systems ensuring self-sufficiency.

The Line is backed by a $500 billion investment and is being designed to accommodate up to nine million residents. From residential and commercial zones to recreational facilities and a public transport system, it encompasses every aspect of modern urban life.

As The Line races towards completion by 2030, it serves as a beacon of hope for a sustainable and harmonious future. So get ready to witness the dawn of a new era where innovation knows no bounds.

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