Neom unveils its coastal wellness living frontier, Norlana

Neom unveils its coastal wellness living frontier, Norlana



The new community marks a new addition to the Gulf of Aqaba coastline.

Brace yourselves because the NEOM megaproject has unveiled yet another jewel, Norlana. Nestled along the Gulf of Aqaba's coastline, Norlana will be an exclusive waterfront community where luxury meets wellness.

Situated between the ocean and mountains, Norlana's architectural wonder comprises waterfront residences and hotels designed by internationally acclaimed architects. These structures seamlessly blend with the landscape during the day and illuminate the night, promoting serene relaxation and unparalleled comfort.

Designed to redefine contemporary living, Norlana will boast a community of 3,000 residents living in 711 residential properties, including deluxe mansions, spacious apartments, and beach villas integrated with the surrounding dunes. Residents will find themselves closer to nature, promoting a blend of luxury and environmental sustainability.

At Norlana's heart lies a spectacular waterfront promenade, with fine dining concepts and retail stores set against a beautiful backdrop. An 18-hole golf course, designed with a focus on the natural setting, will present a distraction-free environment for golf enthusiasts. The clubhouse, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, ensures players can take their game to new heights.

But Norlana doesn't stop at golf – its state-of-the-art facilities cater to a diverse range of interests. Its 120-berth marina serves as an international hub for superyachts, where members will get a space to unwind, enjoy exceptional dining experiences, and take in stunning waterfront views. 

On the sporting front, Norlana will host elite equestrian events, star-studded tennis tournaments and football matches, promising to be the ultimate destination for sports enthusiasts.

As Norlana joins the ranks of Neom's sustainable tourism destinations, including Epicon, Leyja, Siranna, and Utamo, it marks another stride toward redefining the future of modern living.

Details of when this space will be ready for completion are still under wraps, so stay tuned at FACT for all the insights.

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