Neom Railway: The $1.5 billion high-speed railway has been confirmed

Neom Railway: The $1.5 billion high-speed railway has been confirmed



The megaproject will connect The Line and Oxagon.

Neom is one of Saudi Arabia’s most exciting megaprojects. The area will be home to sites, which will make you rethink that way you live and work. To make travel between these wonders easier, it has announced the construction of its brand-new travel project, Neom Railway.

Neom Railway is a $1.5 billion development, which will connect The Line with Oxagon. The track spans 100 kilometres north to east, and 170 kilometres west to east. Plus, the trains will be able to reach up to 230 kilometres per hour.

Neom Railway

Neom Railway will include two high-speed and two freight railway tracks. The construction will also include The Spine, which takes travellers from the airport to Trojena. Webuild is leading the project, and it is behind projects including Italy’s Terzo Valico dei Giovi between Genoa and Milan.

Neom’s The Line aims to be a 170km-long residential complex with zero cars, zero streets, zero carbon emissions and the world’s longest skyscraper, Mirror Line. When completed, the area will be home to million residents across 34 square kilometres. Plus, it will be so compact that you’ll be within a five-minute walk from facilities and a 20-minute high-speed rail will take you through the city. 

Neom Railway

Neom is scheduled to open to tourists in 2024. Upon completion, it will be the size of Belgium and sits north of the Red Sea coastline. The exciting developments also range from Oxagan to Sindalah’s beaches and seas. Sindalah island will be a luxurious retreat and include 413 hotels, 51 shops and 38 restaurants. Oxagon aims to be the world’s largest floating industrial complex.

We can’t wait to hop on board.

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