Habitas’ new luxury hotels in Neom’s Leyja hit getaway goals 

Habitas’ new luxury hotels in Neom’s Leyja hit getaway goals 



The three properties will be completed by 2028. 

There are not many hotels where the check in involves a hike. That’s just one of the many things that make Habitas’ new properties in Neom’s Leyja unique. The luxury hotel group already has Habitas AlUla, and now plans to open three hotels at Saudi Arabia’s new site. 

Chris Newman, Executive Director of the Neom Hotel Division, announced that the Habitas group will oversee three hotels in Neom’s Leyja. Construction on the hotels begins in 2024, and they are scheduled to open in 2028. The properties are named Home of Adventure, The Oasis Hotel and Home of Wellness and span 120 rooms and suites, which are split across the three properties.


Like all Habitas hotels, the ones at Neom’s Leyja will be focused on experiences. Home of Adventure is where adventure, sport, and technology meet. Guests will be able to enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking and horseback riding. Oasis is a celebration of nature’s generosity. Guests will be able to enjoy the Chef in Residence programme and stargazing experiences. Home of Wellness combines modernity with ancient rituals, and offers innovative wellness experiences. 


The site will be a luxury eco-tourism destination, and will be set in a wadi and 400-metre-high mountains, which have been crafted over centuries. The guests check in at the welcome centre and the first hotel is a 2.8-kilometre walk. However, there will be alternative options for those who cannot trek. 

Neom aims to preserve 95 per cent of Leyja’s landscape. The construction and design blend seamlessly into the landscapes. Renders and videos of the hotel were released, and it looks set to be a striking space. The design shows buildings soaring into the sky and mirrored exteriors reflecting the deserts.  


Oliver Ripley, co-founder and CEO of Habitas, shared with us: “I came to Saudi Arabia for the first time in 2019. I came here thinking I had an open mind, but I had preconceptions and it blew my mind. It caught me by surprise as there is something happening here and it’s so magical. If someone is curious and interested in discovering a new culture that is so steeped in history, Saudi Arabia is one of the most unique places in the world to visit.” 

Jeremy Lester, NEOM Executive Director of Gulf of Aqaba, added: “Leyja effortlessly blends natural and developed landscapes in an innovative and sustainable manner, aligned with NEOM’s broader commitment to conservation. Our Habitas’ thoughtfully curated hotel experience promises serenity, escape, and adventure, set amongst the area’s stunning natural beauty.”

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