Levantine restaurant Awani is coming to Jeddah

Levantine restaurant Awani is coming to Jeddah



The brand is opening its first venue in the city.

If the sound of flatbreads, fatteh and freeeh get your mouth watering, then we have some exciting news. Awani, a restaurant specialising in food from the Levant, is coming to Jeddah.

Awani currently has several restaurants in the Middle East: Dubai Mall; The Beach, JBR; The Zone, Riyadh; and Nakheel Mall, Riyadh. All of the restaurants have a vibrant décor, from brightly coloured chairs to indoor trees. So, we’re expecting Awani in Jeddah to combine traditional touches with a modern colour scheme.

Awani describes itself as a melting pot of the Levant. The restaurant prides itself on creating Levantine cuisine, which pays homage to traditional cooking techniques. Not only do the restaurants use old-school tools, but they aim to take simple ingredients and turn them into complex dishes.

Awani Jeddah

If Awani’s previous menus are anything to go by, we’re expecting it to serve breakfast, hot and cold mezze, soups, salads, mains and desserts. The breakfast dishes include the Awani Shakshouka, Awani Omelette, Eggs with Potato and Meat, Foul Medames and Fatteh Chickpeas. 

Awani’s signature dishes include the Chicken Maqlobeh, which is rice cooked with cauliflower; Crispy Halloumi Salad with dried figs, cherry tomatoes and cheese; and Lamb Chops cooked on a charcoal grill. Awani’s signature dessert, Crumble Cake, sounds like a dream. The sweet treat includes three layers of dates, maamoul crumble and qashta cream cheese. Plus, it is garnished with maamoul, pistachios and pecan nuts.

If you can’t wait to visit Awani in Jeddah, check in with FACT for the latest information. 

GO: Visit https://awani.ae for more information.