Hollywood favourite Madeo makes its way to Jeddah Yacht Club

Hollywood favourite Madeo makes its way to Jeddah Yacht Club



The fine dining Italian restaurant is making its debut in the city this month.

Saudi Arabia is fast becoming a dining destination. The kingdom is welcoming everything from celebrity chefs to international brands. This year, Hollywood favourite Madeo opened in Riyadh, and it is now opening in Jeddah. The fine dining Italian restaurant will be located in Jeddah Yacht Club, and here’s what you can expect. 

Madeo is no stranger to the kingdom, as it launched pop-ups during Jeddah F1 Grand Prix and Riyadh Season. While Madeo Jeddah is expected to open in mid-June, we are buzzing with excitement. 

Madeo Jeddah

Madeo was born in 1985 and prides itself on being a family run business. Over the years, it has built a reputation for its Tuscan dishes, which have been created with high-quality ingredients. 

Thanks to its Hollywood location, the original Madeo is popular with A-list celebrities. The restaurant has served guests, from Frank Sinatra to Leonardo DiCaprio, who regularly visits the OG with his mum and dad. Plus, rapper Drake namedropped the venue in his song, Diplomatic Immunity, where he shared, “I prefer Madeo, calamari rings and tomato”. 

Madeo Jeddah

If Madeo Riyadh’s menu is anything to go by, we’re expecting Madeo Jeddah to cover antipasti, salads, seafood, meat, pizzas, pastas and dessert. Don’t leave without trying the signature dish, which comes FACT approved: Spaghetti Alla Bolognese.

Jeddah Yacht Club is also home to the pizza place Emmy Squared, French restaurant Le Comptoir de Nicole, Italian venue Le Vésuvio and Japanese spot Mashi No Mashi

Fantastic food awaits.

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