Inside The Red Sea’s ultra-luxury Desert Rock Resort

Inside The Red Sea’s ultra-luxury Desert Rock Resort



The spectacular setting is located in the desert cliffs.

The Red Sea is one of the most stunning megaprojects in Saudi Arabia, and it has just got more impressive. The development has unveiled images of Desert Rock Resort, an ultra-luxury hotel in the mountains, and we are buzzing with excitement. 

Desert Rock Resort boasts a spectacular setting, as it is situated within the desert cliffs. The hotel includes 48 villas and 12 rooms, plus a fitness centre, lagoon oasis and restaurants. The recently released renders reveal rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, private pools and modern furnishings. Plus, the project aims to protect and preserve the environment, and is currently scheduled to open later this year. 

Chad Oppenheim, founder of Oppenheim Architecture, explained: “Desert Rock is one of the most dramatic desert landscapes in the world, which is why we wanted to use the architecture as a way to honour and respect it. By utilising natural materials and integrating the resort into the rock, guests can connect physically with the destination and experience Saudi Arabia’s stunning, natural beauty.

John Pagano, CEO of Red Sea Global, added on Twitter: “Delighted with the construction progress we’ve made in the inner depths of Desert Rock Resort, where we’re building a 60-key hyper-luxury, eco-friendly hotel that’s fully integrated into the rock. It’s one of two inland resorts opening as part of phase one of Red Sea.”

The Red Sea Project is expected to cover 28,000 kilometres of islands, beaches, deserts, mountains and even volcanos and be a leading destination for eco-luxury. The plan is to have no waste-to-landfill or single-use plastic, and be 100 per cent carbon neutral. Plus, The Red Sea International Airport is in the works, so you can soon land in the megaproject. 

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