Historical pop-up Souq Al Mawsim in Diriyah opens

Historical pop-up Souq Al Mawsim in Diriyah opens



The market showcases homegrown produce, from coffee to crafts. 

Get ready to go back in time. Souq Al Mawsim has opened in Diriyah and offers a traditional shopping experience. The ten-week pop-up showcases a range of products, from food and drink to handcrafted clothing and scents.

The new souq is part of Diriyah Gate Development Authority’s plans to rejuvenate the old quarters around Diriyah, from the town squares to open parks. Souq Al Mawsim is located in At Turaif Park, which is between the west side of At Turaif Historical District and the east side of Bujairi Terrace.

If you want to support local, we’d recommend visiting Souq Al Mawsim. The market showcases homegrown talent, from cooks to craftspeople. The souq includes home-brewed coffee, homegrown fruit and vegetables, in addition to home-cooked desserts.

Souq Al Mawsim is a fitting name, as in Arabic Mawseim means monsoon and season of the winds. The name reflects the seasonal range of items, which are freshly produced.

Souq Al Mawsim draws its inspiration from Diriyah’s heritage. Located approximately 14 minutes north of Riyadh, Diriyah is famous for being the original capital of Saudi Arabia, as it was once the seat of power for the Al Saud family. During the 18th and 19th century, it was home to the founder of the first Saudi state, Mohammed bin Saud.

Today, Diriyah is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an exciting range of hotels, restaurants and cultural experiences. Bujairi Terrace recently opened and boasts 20 restaurants, from Altopiano to Angelina.  

Tickets are part of the Diriyah Entry Pass. The souq will be open throughout Ramadan and Eid. 

GO: Visit https://dgda.gov.sa for more information.