Here are the spectacular new restaurants in AlUla

Here are the spectacular new restaurants in AlUla



Enjoy dramatic dining experiences next to culture and canyons. 

There are plenty of reasons to visit AlUla in Saudi Arabia, from its UNESCO World Heritage Sites to its exciting line-up of concerts. Now, we’ve got one (well, four) more, as new restaurants in AlUla have been announced. So, whether you’re after local talent or celebrity chefs, there is something to meet your foodie needs.

It’s not just about restaurants in AlUla, as the Fresh Food Market runs from 27 January to 25 March. The outdoor market showcases locally sourced, farm-fresh produce. Pick up everything from peppers to pomegranates, and onions to oranges. Plus, it shines a spotlight on local cuisine and local artisans.

Here are the amazing new restaurants in AlUla.

Awna Restaurant and Tea Lounge 

Combine culture and cuisines at Awna Restaurant and Tea Lounge. The fine dining experience has returned to the UNESCO Heritage Site, Hegra. Executive chef, Anthony Jehanno, draws inspiration from the landscape and uses local ingredients to create dishes. What sets the concept apart is that it’s not just about one chef, instead it brings together internationally acclaimed chefs. The guest chefs working with Anthony include Carter’s of Moseley, Brad Carter; executive pastry chef, David Girard; Oxeye founder, Sven Hansen Britt; pastry sous chef at the Ritz London, Kae Shibata; and Icelandic chef, Aggi Sverrisson.

new restaurants in AlUla


We never imagined that you could get a touch of Marbella in Saudi Arabia. The Spanish restaurant, Mamzel, can be found hidden in the canyons of AlUla. Located near Shaden Resort, Mamzel has created a memorable dining experience, which combines dinner with a show. In true AlUla-style, guests will be able to dine under the stars with the soaring landscape for company. The dishes include Black Angus barbecued steak, sea bass curry, king prawns and scallops and lamb shoulder.

new restaurants in AlUla

The Heart of Oasis Restaurant

How often will you get to eat among two million date palms? Well, at The Heart of Oasis Restaurant you can. Set to open from January 30, the restaurant prides itself on its farm to fork concept, which is an ode to the slow food movement. On the menu, you’ll find dishes that have been created using local ingredients, from freshly farmed produce to the fruits of AlUla Oasis. In the kitchen, established Saudi chefs will lead emerging talent, and dishes will be cooked in an old-school way.

new restaurants in AlUla

Tawlet Fayza 

If you’ve dreamt of eating at a Saudi grandmother’s home, but never knew how to get yourself an invite, Tawlet Fayza is the next best thing. The new restaurant on the block opens in February, and is inspired by the founder’s grandmother, who is originally from the area. Don’t be shy and grab a seat at the communal table. The venue is located in the oasis, and offers a farm-to-table concept with an evolving menu.

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