Hazzat Chapati: The Arabic chic café opens in Riyadh

Hazzat Chapati: The Arabic chic café opens in Riyadh



Come for sweet and savoury chapatis – a chips and cheese chapati, anyone?

The humble chapati is getting a makeover. Hazzat Chapati in Riyadh has opened a new café, which gives the bread a brilliant twist. So, if you’re after a chapati and a coffee, put this on your restaurant radar.

Hazzat Chapati in Riyadh is located in Al Malqa district. The Arabic chic décor boasts classic and contemporary features, from tall, traditional doors to minimalist, modern furniture. The space is filled with a clean, cream aesthetic across the walls and sofas, which is punctuated by green foliage lining the walls and counter.

When you enter the café, you’ll smell the incense. Don’t forget to look up: we love the collection of lanterns, which are just as much decorative as functional. The floor to ceilings windows and high ceilings let in lots of light across the floors. Plus, the hanging drapes make the most of the space, and add a sense of drama. 

Hazzat Chapati in Riyadh’s food menu includes creative takes on the chapati. We’re talking sweet and savoury wraps, which take much-loved ingredients as a chapati filling. 

The savoury wraps include chicken chapati, chips and cheese chapati, cream cheese chapati, egg chapati, oregano chapati and shakshuka chapati. The sweet wraps include labneh with honey chapati, Lotus chapati and Nutella chapati. If you want to share the love, then order a sharing box, which comes with a collection of chapatis. 

Hazzat Chapati in Riyadh’s drinks menu specialises in karaks, which are poured from traditional pots. The karak options include cinnamon karak, saffron karak and winter karak. The hot drink options include an americano, cortado, cappuccino, espresso, flat white and hot Spanish latte. 

Come for the chapatis, and stay for the karak. 

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