Enjoy the taste of Tuscany at Bovino in Jeddah

Enjoy the taste of Tuscany at Bovino in Jeddah



Meat lovers will fall for the mouth-watering ragouts and rib eye.

When the carnivore in you comes out, put this new Jeddah restaurant on your radar. The Italian restaurant Bovino has opened, and it prides itself on creating an authentic Tuscan experience. So, if you love meat dishes ranging from ragouts to rib eyes, here’s what you need to know.

Located in the Al Hamra district, Bovino in Jeddah is a romantic restaurant. Inside, guests can indulge in an upscale experience – we’re talking white tablecloths and candlelit dinners. The space boasts a clean, contemporary aesthetic, from the brown pots lining the shelves to cream lampshades. Plus, it’s all punctuated by colourful artwork on the walls.

Bovino means bull or cow in Italian, which sets the tone for the menu that draws its inspiration from Tuscany. We’d recommend sitting by the wide windows, which peek into the busy kitchen. Add a little drama to your dinner and watch the chefs at work, especially by the wood-fired oven.

Bovino in Jeddah’s menu includes starters, mains and desserts. The starters range from Fries in Blankets, which are rolled in slices of beef tenderloin, to Quattro Sliders, which are four sliders filled with beef patty, truffle and bell pepper sauce. Plus, veggie options range from Bresaola to Bruschetta Con Burrata.

The mains include the Bovino Burger with homemade patty, onion marmalade and truffle mayonnaise; Lasagna with bechamel and beef ragout; Pepposo Rice with shredded slow-cooked beef and mushroom rice; and a Wagyu Fillet that is pan-grilled to your preference. The oven dishes range from the Bistecca Alla Fiorentina to the Ribeye Steak.

So far, the dessert menu only includes Tiramisu. We’re not complaining, as it’s made with fresh ingredients and created the classic Italian way. 

Bovino in Jeddah is open daily from 7pm to 1am. 

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