AlUla's Metaverse launches hot air balloon rides over Hegra

AlUla's Metaverse launches hot air balloon rides over Hegra



Visit the awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Site from anywhere in the world. 

It's time to go up, up and away in AlUla's Metaverse. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra, has announced a new way to visit the landmark: a hot air balloon in the Metaverse. If you're keen to (re)visit the site, then here's how you can log in and lift off. 

In November 2022, Saudi Arabia was the first country to launch a UNESCO World Heritage site into the Metaverse. An immersive 3D model of Hegra's Tomb of Lihyan, Son of Kuza, was created and could be accessed across the world. Now, it has gone one step further and launched a hot air balloon experience, which offers a bird's eye view of Hegra, 

AlUla's Metaverse experience offers a 360-degree view of Hegra, and the hot air balloon recreates soaring into the skies. The recently released promotional video sees a man standing outside of Hegra and then turning into an avatar. The avatar then explores realistic renderings of the desert landscape and goes on a thrilling hot air balloon ride.

Ahmed H Daoud, Acting Executive Director of Innovation at RCU, explained: "Hegra's presence in the Metaverse greatly elevates the enormous thrill visitors feel when visiting the physical site in AlUla through interactive experiences that push the frontiers of what can be imagined through digital encounters. The addition of a new hot air balloon experience means Metaverse tourists can observe Hegra in new dimensions, giving digital explorers access to one of the world's most treasured landmarks in ways that expands what is possible in real life." 

The announcement comes at a fitting time, as the AlUla Hot Air Balloon Festival is currently underway and runs until 28 February. During the ride, visitors can enjoy the desert landscape from the balloons. The experience includes tethered flights that last up to 15 minutes and untethered flights that last up to 60 minutes.

 Are you ready to take off? 

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