Make your way to the sweet AlUla Dates Festival

Make your way to the sweet AlUla Dates Festival



This event celebrates the rich cultural traditions in the region.

If you live in the Middle East, you’ve probably had a lot of dates. We mean the sweet kind that grows on palm trees. With date-based desserts, drinks and a whole lot more, these fruits are a staple and a great source of energy to beat the Gulf heat. The AlUla Dates Festival which goes on until 11 November is taking place right now, celebrating the rich cultural traditions of the region.

The AlUla Dates Festival provides support to farmers and date buyers. With several commercial opportunities available to them, the festival is a fantastic platform for trade as well as the exchange of expertise. It helps the farmers learn new ways to increase their production and make sure that their products are of the highest quality.

AlUla’s fertile soil and freshwater have helped farmers in the region to take care of the palm trees in the best way possible. These trees have been a source of prosperity in Saudi Arabia which has also been beneficial in enhancing the local culture. Some of the best dates in the world such as Barni Dates and the Black and Red Helwa Dates are produced in AlUla.

But the AlUla Dates Festival isn’t just for date connoisseurs or trading purposes. A souk is also on the agenda which brings forth local artisans and cuisine for people to indulge in. Handicrafts will be on display for people to admire or purchase. Plus, activities and entertainment to enjoy with your loved ones. And with the weather cooling down, the AlUla Dates Festival at AlManshiyah Village is the perfect opportunity to head outdoors.

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