Check out Al Dirah Asalah Museum’s amazing antiques

Check out Al Dirah Asalah Museum’s amazing antiques



Located in the Eastern Province, it includes books, electronics and pottery. 

Saudi Arabia is home to a fascinating museum. Al Dirah Asalah Museum showcases amazing antiques, which tell the story of the Kingdom’s culture and history. Located on Tarout Island, Eastern Province, it has been carefully curated and provides a unique look back at the country. Now, it has welcomed new manuscripts.

Al Dirah Asalah Museum is located in a traditional Saudi Arabian building. Mahdie Maylw is behind the initiative, which was created on the site of his grandfather’s home. He has taken his love of history, and created the idea for the museum, which brings together unexpected objects.

When visitors step inside the museum, they are transported to the past, from antiques to popular culture. Discover different sections spanning books, electronics, pottery and toys. The collection includes new manuscripts, from newspapers to the Qur’an. Plus, the collection has been created from a variety of sources, from old-fashioned auctions to online auctions like eBay. 

Al Dirah Asalah Museum has objects that may make you feel old. Look out for the old bottles and cans of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in cabinets. One caption reads: “Whenever you feel bad, remember that Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles in the first year.” Plus, there are family-friendly objects like old games consoles, Lego sets and board games.

Al Dirah Asalah Museum is open from Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to 9pm, Friday and Saturday from 9am to 12pm and 4pm to 10pm. 

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