Dubai's first Hispanic-Caribbean restaurant has opened at Club Vista Mare

Dubai's first Hispanic-Caribbean restaurant has opened at Club Vista Mare



Say Hola To Rumba Cuban Bar & Kitchen.

Dubai’s Club Vista Mare has seen a resurgence in recent months with the arrival of new restaurant concepts such as Myrra By OPA on the sunny shores of Palm Jumeirah and now we have a new Hispanic-Caribbean restaurant to celebrate.

Rumba Cuban Bar & Kitchen is the latest venue to open at the picturesque beachfront dining destination, offering the first Hispanic-Caribbean restaurant in the city.

Ideally suited to match the shoreline vibes, Rumba offers an original concept reflecting 1950s Havana, where dining was at the centre of a vibrant nightlife scene. The brainchild of Cuban-born General Manager Alberto Cuello, Rumba Cuban Bar & Kitchen is more than just an ode to the popular dance rhythm, but rather a way of life that brings the vibrancy of Havana to Dubai. 

Hispanic-Caribbean Restaurant

The casual bar and restaurant feature an eclectic food menu, an exciting range of beverages, intricate Cuban-inspired interiors and energetic Hispanic vibes. From the intricately hand-painted murals that depict the old streets of Havana to the traditional entryways from Cuban homes, the elaborate features of Rumba aim to transport guests to the streets of Cuba and immerse them in the culture and art of the Caribbean. 

Rumba Cuban Bar & Kitchen offers flavoursome Caribbean and Latin American cuisine, with the menu aptly displayed in the form of an old newspaper. Highlights include empanadas, guajillo prawns, enchiladas and skirt steak. For lighter snacks, diners can tuck into guacamole Rumba, salmon ceviche or tacos de pescado. For those with a penchant for desserts, Rumba’s selection features maiz pavlova, tres-leches baked Alaska and churros. Mexican Head Chef Rene Manzanilla, and Peruvian Sous Chef, Carlos Pazos have created a unique menu fusing authentic flavours and aromas.

Hispanic-Caribbean Restaurant

The fiesta continues with Rumba’s classic Latin American influenced cocktails and genuine Cubano drinks such as the Habana Special, Presidente, Candela, and Viuda Negra.

Rumba Cuban Bar & Kitchen features everything from dining and bar experiences to live entertainment, an alfresco terrace and beach access, making it one of the most in-demand hotspots in the city. 

The Hispanic-Caribbean restaurant, Rumba is open daily from 12pm to 2am.

GO: Visit or call (0)4 570 8111 for reservations and more information.