Homegrown burger brand Pickl has opened a concept store in City Walk

Homegrown burger brand Pickl has opened a concept store in City Walk



Calling all burger lovers…

Created in Dubai by a chef and burger aficionado, Pickl is a burger joint that has seen rapid expansion since its JLT debut in 2019.

While the Motor City Branch opened in May of this year, team Pickl are not slowing down and have today opened a concept store a stone’s throw from the Burj Khalifa in the heart of City Walk. 

The An/Other by Pickl concept store celebrates food, art and culture and will only be open for one year. Once the doors close, they will never reopen!

An/Other by Pickl

Not only can Pickl fans purchase Pickl merchandise, including hoodies, T-shirts, caps, socks, beanies and skateboards, but it’s also a place where people can enjoy delicious burgers and shop for Pickl apparel under one roof.

During the twelve-month run of An/Other by Pickl, they will also celebrate 100 years of burgers, paying homage to the burgers and brands that have defined an entire industry.

Founder and CEO Stephen Flawith explains: “We are here to stand on the shoulders of giants. We are here to pay homage and respect to burgers and brands, who have defined an entire industry and managed to elevate a humble piece of beef, a couple of slices of bread and a slice of cheese, into one of the most popular items of food in human history.”

An/Other by Pickl

The first new addition to the menu in celebration of 100 years of burgers is the ‘1885 – The OG Smash.’ A smashed patty with cheese and a potato bun (AED 45), inspired by the first hamburger created by Charlie Nagreen, who smashed pieces of beef meatball and served them between slices of bread.

Next up is the ‘1921 – Mr. Steamy.’ Combining two steamed patties, smashed onion pickles, mustard and two slider potato buns (AED 45) into a burger that draws inspiration from Walter Anderson and fellow entrepreneur Billy Ingram who opened burger brand White Castle.

Finally, we have the ‘1937 – The Big Fella.’ A double-decker smashed patty and three-tier bun combo stuffed with lettuce, mayo and red relish (AED 50). This burger draws inspiration from the world’s first double-decker hamburger, when in 1937, members of the Glendale High School orchestra were having their usual burger meal and asked for “something different, something special.”

An/Other by Pickl

All your favourites from the regular menu will also be available at An/Other by Pickl, including the BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger, fiery Chicken Sando, dirty fries and indulgent shakes.

The store will also sell Pickl Hot Sauces and Spice Rubs so that fans can create their own Pickl-inspired burgers at home.

GO: Visit https://eatpickl.com for more information.