Electronic music festival Medaina to make Jordan’s heritage sites groove to its beats

Electronic music festival Medaina to make Jordan’s heritage sites groove to its beats



The festival will take place in Petra next year.

If you thought the Arab World had already danced its heart out to electronic beats, think again. The EDM scene is constantly expanding, conquering new feats and surprising even the most seasoned partygoers. Enter Medaina — the latest addition to the electronic music festival scene — set to make its dazzling debut in Jordan.

This five-day festival, taking place from 22 to 27 May 2024, is set to unfold against the awe-inspiring backdrops of Petra and Wadi Rum. That's right! The historic sites of Petra, renowned as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and the visually stunning Wadi Rum, often called the Valley of the Moon, will serve as the stages for this unprecedented spectacle.

At Medaina, you will be treated to an immersive experience. The event begins with a grand opening in the rock-carved marvel of Petra. The celebration then shifts moves to Wadi Rum, culminating in a magnificent party. All of this while you get to enjoy some heart-thumping music. Not only that but you also get a chance to click some picturesque shots for the gram.

And what's in a name, you ask? Medaina is a brilliant mix of 'Mediterranean' and the Arabic word 'ain', translating to "spring." It pays homage to the vital role water played in Petra's development of trade routes connecting the city to the Mediterranean Sea. Pretty cool, right?

But who'll be performing at the electronic music festival? Keep your eyes peeled because the lineup will soon be announced, promising you five days of pure fun.

So get ready to groove to an eclectic musical lineup that pushes the boundaries of electronic music. Set against the backdrop of Petra and Wadi Rumi, this experience is one for the books. 

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