Saudi Arabian designers head to Paris Fashion Week

Saudi Arabian designers head to Paris Fashion Week



The Emerge pop-up will showcase fashion, art, music and food from the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia's fashion industry is strutting into the international limelight. The Saudi Fashion Commission is hosting Emerge, its first-ever pop-up at Paris Fashion Week. And this is no ordinary event, as it's an extravaganza that's all about fashion, art, music and culinary delights.

Emerge will take over 8 Rue de Francs Bourgeois in Paris. It will showcase 15 sensational designers from the Saudi 100 Brands initiative and give guests a front-row seat to the Kingdom’s contemporary art scene. There’s also going to be great music as the National Orchestra and Saudi's coolest DJs from the Music Commission take the stage. Plus, there will be top chefs from the Culinary Commission, who’ll whip up authentic Arabian cuisine.


Emerge offers an immersive experience to visitors giving them a glimpse into the vibrant culture of Saudi Arabia. Visitors can purchase art at this pop-up which will also feature an exclusive fashion show, featuring designs from prominent Saudi brands like Torba Studio, Hindamme, Mazrood, Noble & Fresh, 1886 and Not Boring. Renowned Saudi rapper Beast, Lebanese MC Laughta, and the Riyadh group Jazzy Spa Sounds will provide electrifying performances, adding an element of excitement to the event.

Emerge stands as a symbol of cultural exchange, transcending borders and celebrating the harmonious interplay between tradition and innovation. It showcases the thriving creative spirit of Saudi Arabia, inviting visitors to embrace the beauty and dynamism of this extraordinary fusion. From the intricacies of fashion to the allure of art, music, and cuisine, Emerge presents an unmissable opportunity to explore and appreciate the multifaceted facets of Saudi culture.

As Saudi Arabia's fashion industry steps onto the global stage, the Emerge pop-up event at Paris Fashion Week promises to be a captivating experience.

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