Is a Kanye West and The Giving Movement collab on the way?

Is a Kanye West and The Giving Movement collab on the way?



The artist known as Ye met with the Founder of the homegrown fashion brand on Saturday.

Everyone from Jennifer Lopez to FACT's editorial team are huge fans of the homegrown fashion brand, The Giving Movement. And it would appear that the sustainable streetwear label has found a new supporter in controversial rapper Kanye West.

After being spotted at the Battle of the Baddest at Boulevard Hall Stadium and the FACT Award-nominated Smokey Beards Q in Riyadh, the entertainer, otherwise known as Ye, touched down in Dubai over the weekend. 

The rapper was spotted with Dominic Nowell-Barnes, the Founder and CEO of The Giving Movement, who posted a candid snap with the American rapper to his Instagram. The caption reads: "All business. No cap" and it instantly sparked rumours of a potential Kanye West and The Giving Movement collab.

While nothing official has been confirmed, we can but hope that a collab is in the works! Known for his bold, boundary-pushing ideas, Kanye West founded the fashion line Yeezy and has collaborated with major brands like Balenciaga and GAP. He is best known for his work with Adidas, which resulted in the creation of iconic, sought-after Yeezy sneakers and slides. 

Kanye's approach to fashion is disruptive, often characterized by avant-garde designs and streetwear influences. He's celebrated for redefining luxury with his high-end yet accessible pieces, making him the ideal fit for a potential collab with The Giving Movement.

After moving to the UAE in 2017, Dominic Nowell-Barnes was motivated to use fashion as a vehicle of positive change and launched the e-commerce brand, The Giving Movement, in 2020. The company aims to alter how fashion is consumed while shedding light on conscious consumerism. Designed and made in the UAE, The Giving Movement's fashion-forward essentials are all about reducing waste and using recycled and organic materials. 

Last year, Dominic told FACT: "We believe it's possible to weave charity and donations into commercial platforms, and we were hoping to make it a part of the business model, experimenting and seeing how realistic it is. Thankfully, we were able to commit $4 per item to charity, an amount that secures basic needs for a child for one week, and with that we've managed to cross over $2.5 million in donations. We hope it inspires other businesses to explore a similar business model, and it could ultimately help us end world hunger."

The Giving Movement recently announced plans for multiple store openings in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Plus, it dropped its Travel With TGM campaign, which is a travel collection that helps you to feel snug and smart on your next trip.

The Giving Movement is currently pledging all of its donations to the UAE's humanitarian efforts for Gaza.

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