COP28 in Dubai: TGM's People Officer talks about fashion that fuels change

COP28 in Dubai: TGM's People Officer talks about fashion that fuels change



With all eyes on COP28, Sabahatt Habib, People Officer at The Giving Movement discusses why shoppers need to care more about the cause than the label

Whether it's a brand or a customer, we are at a moment of reckoning. The digital age we're immersed in is overflowing with choice and has forever changed our consumer habits. There's no turning back now. While there's still a supersized fascination with labels, there's also an increasingly potent narrative of purpose. I believe that it's time to stand firm for our shared future.

These are some of the prevailing hot-button topics, from dinner tables to conferences that permeate every aspect of our lives – and fast fashion is one of them. The issues won't go away when we close our eyes, and as we're all now aware, we can no longer turn a blind eye. 

As Chief People Officer at The Giving Movement, I've witnessed the transformative power of weaving humanity into commerce. With limitless information crisscrossing the world through every device and into our collective consciousness, today's shoppers are more informed than ever before. 

The scenario has since given rise to a new league of champions for the cause.

The Giving Movement
The Giving Movement's Chief People Officer, Sabahatt Habib

The Giving Movement has made an impact since our launch during Covid-19. The pandemic forced most to self-reflect and consider the unsustainable future. Working with a charity-driven company has accentuated my belief in the ripple effects of conscious consumerism, which crashed in on the tsunami of empathy. 

We're living in a time where a growing mass of consumers evaluates every purchase beyond mere self-satisfaction. They're an army of changemakers, for whom participation with a brand reflects their values and embodies their commitment to making an impact. For them, it isn't just about sustainable fashion; it's about fashion that fuels change. This is where companies like ours step in, make a difference and demonstrate that compassion has value.

Now, imagine the potential of a world where every purchase aids someone in need. At The Giving Movement, we're making strides in this direction. Our commitment is multi-faceted and isn't just about producing sustainable athleisure. We walk the talk, with a significant portion of our proceeds supporting causes like Dubai Cares and Harmony House in India, which is a beacon of hope for street children. Seeing how any company can make a difference to lives formed the basis of our business motto, "Humanity in Motion".

The Giving Movement

But why should you, as a shopper, prioritise cause over label?

Every time someone buys from a brand, they're casting a vote, expressing their stand. It's an interconnectedness that can't be understated. 

For starters, cause bridges the gap between consumerism and compassion. As a consumer block, we possess immense power to effect change through our own buying habits. These translate to demands. The industry naturally rewards these demands with products, and it is this product, demanded by you, that changes the game. Every purchase this growing buyer-block makes is a chance to bolster communities, support sustainable practices, and foster ethical labour. 

When a shopper chooses The Giving Movement, they indirectly fund education, medical care, and shelter for children at Harmony House. That's the potential of conscious consumerism – turning a simple act of buying into a lifeline for so many.

The Giving Movement

We must know the brands we support to understand if they align with our agenda and evaluate whether they belong on our preferred brand's list. Gone are the days of passive consumerism. Now is the age of informed, passionate, and purpose-driven buying, albeit with an unmistakably iconic style.

The journey towards conscious consumerism is a journey of empowerment, empathy, and global citizenship. Caring more about the cause than the label is an investment in our shared future where our actions reflect our values and aspirations. When we choose products that align with our beliefs and support charitable initiatives, we become agents of change. Every purchase becomes an opportunity to shape a better world – one choice at a time.

As we adapt to this new era, remember that each choice you make is more than a transaction; it's a clarion call to reshape the world. I urge anyone reading this to be empowered. Let the cause, rather than the label, reflect who you are.

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