Dubai Bling’s Loujain Adada stars in The Giving Movement’s new campaign

Dubai Bling’s Loujain Adada stars in The Giving Movement’s new campaign



Iconic 24/7 has updated the clothing company’s best-selling items.

Dubai Bling’s Loujain Adada is a stylish star. She has been seen in designer clothing on the Netflix reality TV show, and is now bringing her fashion experience to The Giving Movement. The TV personality is starring in the clothing brand’s latest campaign, Iconic 24/7.

The Giving Movement has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Iconic 24/7. The collection aims to embody modern versatility and covers the theme of heritage. Drawing inspiration from bustling streets, it boasts a contemporary city aesthetic. The pieces have a minimalist, modern and monochrome design.

Iconic 24/7 has taken updated versions of The Giving Movement’s best sellers and adorned them with tonal prints and logos. The collection is available in 13 colours and is segmented into core, shell, active and lounge ranges. The brand’s label can be found on all pieces, and matches the colour of the clothing.

Loujain Adada was born in California, United States, and grew up in Lebanon. She started modelling as a teenager, and became a host on MTV Lebanon. When she was 25 years old, she married the 60-year-old billionaire businessman, Walid Juffali. The pair went on to have two children, and he later was diagnosed with cancer and died.

The Giving Movement was founded by Dominic Nowell-Barnes. After moving to the UAE in 2017, he was motivated to use fashion as a vehicle of positive change and launched the e-commerce brand in 2020. The company aims to alter the way fashion is consumed while shedding light on conscious consumerism. 

The Giving Movement’s Iconic 24/7 is available now.

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