Netflix is about to venture into the gaming realm

Netflix is about to venture into the gaming realm



The feature will gradually be rolled out across the world.

Gamers, hold onto your controllers because we've got some exciting news to share. Netflix has been upping its game (pun intended) since 2021 when it first introduced mobile games to its platform. The streaming giant is now taking a big leap forward by bringing video games to your favourite binge-watching hub. get ready to explore a whole new level of entertainment as Netflix dives into the world of gaming.

Netflix has always been about catering to every member's taste, and this time they're aiming to hit the bullseye with an accessible, seamless, and universal gaming experience. It all starts with a limited beta test, which is about to kick off in Canada and the UK, and will gradually be rolled out to other countries across the world.

Let's break it down. The limited beta test is like a sneak peek into the gaming future Netflix is crafting for us. Starting with a small number of members, the beta test gives Netflix the chance to fine-tune their game streaming technology and gather valuable feedback from their trusted viewers. They're rolling out this test on select TVs, PCs and Macs.

What's a gaming journey without a couple of awesome titles? Netflix knows how to make an entrance and it’s done so with two exciting games. Meet Oxenfree from Night School Studio, a game developed by Netflix's very own game studio and Molehew's Mining Adventure, a gem-mining arcade game that's bound to tickle your gaming senses.

Wondering how you'll conquer those gaming challenges on your TV? Well, your trusty smartphone is about to become your new best friend. Netflix is introducing a controller that we're all already pretty familiar with – our phones. And if you're playing on PCs and Macs, a good old keyboard and mouse will be your allies in the gaming arena.

Netflix is ready to take the gaming world by storm and they're doing it one step at a time. They're determined to make gaming as easy as hitting play on your favourite show, and they're excited to hear what their beta testers have to say. So, get those controllers (read: your smartphones) ready and put your game face on.

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