AlUla to serve as a breathtaking backdrop for another Hollywood production

AlUla to serve as a breathtaking backdrop for another Hollywood production



Paper Empire's third season will be entirely shot at this gorgeous location.

Get ready for an exhilarating ride as Paper Empire, the thrilling action-drama series, takes its gripping storyline to the dazzling region of AlUla for its entire third season. With its diverse locations and breathtaking landscapes, AlUla will serve as the perfect backdrop for the glamorous world of Paper Empire. Film AlUla, the masterminds behind attracting global productions, revealed this exciting news. 

The producer of Paper Empire, Michael Tadross Jr. visited AlUla earlier this year. "The incredible landscapes and incomparable scenery are a perfect backdrop for the narrative's progression," he said. Just imagine how those views are going to crank up the suspense and make the storyline even more intense. 

The decision to film the entire third season of Paper Empire in AlUla cements its reputation as a top-notch filming destination. It's been on a roll since it burst onto the scene in 2020, attracting one epic project after another.

In the upcoming season, Robert Davi shines as Laurence Fintch, the determined financial saviour who accidentally creates a digital black hole unleashing a wild Financial Armageddon. With high-stakes excitement and an all-star cast including Denise Richards, Kelsey Grammar, Carole Alt and many others, you'll find yourself on the edge of your seat.

The anticipation is building as the cameras get ready to roll for Paper Empire later this year. Prepare to be swept away into a world of intrigue, drama and jaw-dropping scenery as AlUla brings its A-game to the screen - once again.

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